"Saving the life of one dog won't change the world, but the world will certainly change for that one dog"

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February 19, 2009

About three weeks ago, I got news that no competitor wants to get. My young dog, Ekko, had a partially torn cruciate ligament and was dysplastic in both hips. That was it. I thought it was all over. Granted, this dog would always be my best friend, but one thing that brought so close was the agility training together and now that was gone. I wouldn’t love her any less; it would just be very different. I didn’t want to give up on her though. I don’t think Ekko wanted to give it up either.

So, we went up to Canton to see a friend of ours, Dr. Diane Castle. Dr. Castle is an agility competitor and an awesome veterinarian. She has training in a form of therapy called prolotherapy. If you’ve never heard of prolo, there is a link to a video about its use with animals down below and there is a ton of information on the internet. The basic idea of prolotherapy is to cause inflammation at the site of the injury so that the body will continue the healing process and will eventually (hopefully) heal itself without an invasive procedure. After Dr. Castle evaluated Ekko, she thought that she would be a good candidate for the treatment. Ekko had her first treatment yesterday and is still a little sore. We’ll go back once a week for the next two weeks and she’ll have the treatment done two more times. Every time she’ll have one injection in each hip and one in her left knee. I’ll keep you up to date on how things go, but Dr. Castle seems very confident that Ekko will not only be able to continue training, but will also be able to compete.

Throughout all of this though, I’ve learned a very important lesson. On a Tuesday night three weeks ago, Ekko’s career was put on sudden hold and we originally thought it was completely ended. I had no idea going into that night that everything was going to change. Now, every time I take any of my dogs out to play or work or anytime I just have the chance to spend time with them, I try to enjoy it to the fullest.

These dogs are my best friends and I need to cherish every moment I have with them because who knows when it’ll be the last time we’re able to play together?