"Saving the life of one dog won't change the world, but the world will certainly change for that one dog"

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Border Collie Rescue, the fulfilment of a promise to a dying friend . . .

How did we get involved with Border Collies? Let me see if I can tell you the story.

There once was a border collie named Kingston. Kingston, had her name changed to Kinzee shortly after we rescued her. What kind of name is Kingston for a girl? Kinzee was the first border collie that I had ever had. She taught me loyalty, love and undying commitment. She never herded sheep, she never caught a Frisbee, she never did agility. Kinzee was a rescue from DeKalb County where she had been taken after her owner had been shot and killed in his home. The story goes that when the owner did not show up for work they sent the police to do a welfare check. They kicked in the front door, and there was the owner dead, face down on the floor. Kinzee was standing over him growling at the police. She was protecting her owner's lifeless body. The police called for animal control, and they removed Kinzee to the animal control facility. She was loyal to the bitter end.

It was a complete fluke that even found Kinzee. We had lost 2 dogs on Father’s Day and my wife had stopped at the Dekalb County animal shelter hoping to find them. That is when she found Kinzee. Kinzee instanly became a member of the family when she slept in the bed with my 2 year old daughter the first night that we had her. She slept there until she and Katie would no longer fit in the bed together, then she moved to the foot of the bed. She was a black and white dog, you know like on the movie Babe. That is about all we knew about border collies at the time. We learned a lot about border collies both from Kinzee and from attending herding trials and agility competitions.

Kinzee brought joy to us and lived as part of our family till she crossed the rainbow bridge on August 1, 2005 at 4:25 pm. According to her records she was 12 at the time of her death due to Hermangiosarcoma. It was one of the worse days of my life. I sat on the cold floor with Kinzee in our vetrenarians office the day that we had her put to sleep. I held her in my arms and I told her that I would always have a border collie as long as I lived. I also told her that I would do my best to save all of the border collies like her that people had been put in to animal control and had little chance of getting out. I continue to hold up my end of the deal, and Kinzee rides with me every mile, every hour, every day.

So that is the story of how we got invloved with border collies. Border Collies are truly some of the smartest animals that I have ever met. I tell people that I rescued a dog, and fell in love with the breed.

Katie and Kinzee